PixelPrint Studio

PixelPrint Studio

Easy model creation and 3D printing, straight from your iOS device

PixelPrint Studio allows you to build anything you can imagine using voxels (blocks) using your iPhone or iPad and then share your creation or have it 3D printed & shipped straight to you.
Best of all, PixelPrint Studio will be free to download if our Kickstarter succeeds! Head on over to our page below and help us out!

Our app features

Easy to use

Simple, stylish User Interface which gets out of the way so you can focus on your creations. Easy to learn, hard to put down once you've started!

Universal App compatible with both iPhone and iPad

PixelPrint Studio is a universal app which means it will work perfectly both on your iPad and on your iPhone. No need to download a different version for each.

Easy Sharing

PixelPrint Studios make it easy to share your creations with your friends. You can upload a photo to Facebook or Twitter or even have the model professionally 3D printed, straight from the main menu of the app!


If we get funded, PixelPrint Studios will be 100% free to download, so check out or Kickstarter, spread the word and help us make PixelPrint Studio a reality!


About Us

About PixelPrint Studio

About Us

Phill and Jacob have been working in the service industry for years and are huge advocates of technology.

Together they formed PixelPrint Studios in 2013 with the focus on creating outstanding apps. PixelPrint Studio will be the first of these.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to contact us!

Our email: pixelprint@hikachan.com

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